A Beginner Guide To Flat White Coffee

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Flat White Coffee
Flat White Coffee

When it comes to delicious coffee, flat white is the new kid on the block that every coffee lover should try out! Originating from either Australia or New Zealand (depending on who you talk to), this trending drink has taken the coffee industry by storm and has since appeared on cafe menus worldwide. From Starbucks to local coffee shops, flat white coffee is a great option for espresso lovers looking to elevate their coffee experience.

Even as the new kid of the block, flat white coffee has undoubtedly made a name for itself. Although not as traditional or established as other coffee drinks, balanced white coffee has become a coffeehouse staple. Today, you can see several coffee shops put their twist on the new classic.

But what is flat white coffee? From what it is to how you can make it, check out our beginner’s guide to flat white coffee!

What Is Flat White Coffee?

Flat white coffee is an espresso-based drink made with micro-foamed milk poured over one or two espresso shots. Flat white is usually served as a small drink for the best taste. While Starbucks and other large-scale chain coffee shops have 8oz versions of the glass, flat white is traditionally served in 6oz cups.

If you happen to have an espresso machine at home, then you’re almost certainly going to be able to make this drink. While excellent espresso is essential, flat white coffee also needs perfectly steamed milk. Combined, this drink highlights the rich flavor of the espresso and the silky, creamy texture of the milk.

True coffee connoisseurs know just how to tell if a flat white coffee is prepared correctly: the milk!

The secret to a delicious and properly prepared flat white coffee is through the milk. While cappuccinos and lattes use foam and steamed milk, the flat white uses microfoam steamed milk to achieve that subtle, creamy taste that the drink is known for. This is achieved by using a steaming wand under constant temperature.

As an espresso and milk-based drink, flat white coffee is an excellent choice for both new and seasoned coffee lovers as it provides a delicious, subtle, and creamy taste. This satisfies newer coffee drinkers who may not have acquired a taste for more robust coffees. It also piques the appreciation of coffee veterans who will delight in the complexity of the espresso and milk combination.

Flat White Coffee VS Other Coffees

As an espresso-based drink, flat white coffee can be confused with other beverages, usually mixed with milk. Some have described the flat white as simply a smaller latte! While drinks such as latte and cappuccino are often interchanged with balanced white coffee, they have minute differences.

Between a flat white, latte, and cappuccino, you should note several subtle yet essential differences. Aside from the milk-to-coffee ratio, it would help to consider how the milk is steamed and poured and the drink’s container. These vastly affect the taste and the kind of drink you’ll get.

If you’re not quite sure what your coffee order really is, here is a handy guide between flat white coffee and other espresso and milk-based drinks:

Flat White VS Latte

Between flat white coffee, latte, and cappuccino, there’s been some significant confusion between a flat white and a cappuccino. If you’re feeling confused between the two, don’t worry–it’s perfectly normal. At first glance, there’s not much difference between the two, but a closer look reveals differences in the composition and preparation of the two drinks.

In terms of proportion, a traditional latte usually has a ratio of 1:4:1–1 part espresso, four parts milk, and 1 part foam. What significantly differentiates the two is the presence of the foam. While both flat white and latte use double espresso shots, the latter uses milk diluted by the foam. On the other hand, flat white uses microfoam which should be barely visible to coffee drinkers if done correctly.

The size of the drink containers is also a telltale clue as to what you’re drinking. Traditional flat white is served in 6oz containers–meaning that, on average, flat white coffee is made in 5 to 6 oz proportions only. On the other hand, the latte is served in 8 to 10-oz containers. If you’re ordering from a large-scale chain coffee shop, you might encounter flat white coffee being served in larger quantities. In this case, you can also look at the material of the container! Although not strictly followed, lattes are best served in glass, while flat white coffee can be best appreciated in ceramic containers.

Flat White VS Cappuccino

Another espresso and milk-based coffee drink, cappuccino, may also be one of the drinks that you interchange with flat white. Unlike latte, cappuccino and flat white have very different compositions and appearances–making it easier for most coffee drinkers to tell the difference between them.

Visually, a cup of cappuccino has an impressive amount of foam, making it distinct from flat white and cappuccino. If you’re looking at a drink with coffee art on top, chances are it’s a cappuccino. The rich, frothy foam on top makes it instantly recognizable and is one of the distinct factors of the cappuccino as an espresso-based drink. This foam is what differentiates it from dry white. A dry cappuccino is considered the direct opposite of a flat white! The most common ratio for a cappuccino is 1:3:2–1 part espresso, three parts milk, and two parts foam.

Because of the composition, drinking flat white coffee and cappuccino are very different experiences. When drinking a flat white, you get a rich, velvety drink that blends milk and espresso perfectly. On the other hand, drinking cappuccino lets you experience a delicious bed of foam and a surprise of strong-flavored coffee at the bottom.

If you’re using serving size as a basis, it might be challenging to differentiate it from the others, as there is no noticeable difference in how big a cappuccino comes. Usually, it takes up to 5oz, although some coffee shops may provide a bigger serving size. Generally, comparing standard serving sizes, it goes latte, cappuccino, and flat white.

How To Make Delicious Flat White Coffee At Home

Making flat white coffee at home is easy as long as you have the right equipment for it. Thankfully, finding an excellent coffee maker in the Philippines has never been easier with the country’s curated and thriving coffee culture! That’s why you can enjoy your favorite brews in the comforts of your own home. We have it for you, from coffee grinders and espresso machines to whatever else you need to make the perfect cup of coffee!

If you’re an avid lover of flat white coffee or simply looking to try out the delicious drink at home, we put together a simple how-to recipe for the best flat white coffee brew at home:

  1. Use your trusted espresso machine to make enough quality espresso shots, or use our expresso shots powder if you don’t have an express device. Remember that you usually need a double espresso shot for flat white coffees. In some cases, a flat white may have only one shot of espresso–keep in mind to adjust the proportions and flavor accordingly!
  2. Steam the milk. Ensure your temperature is around 52-62 degrees Celsius to ensure the creaminess. Remember that for a flat white, the coffee-to-milk ratio is 1:2–one part espresso and two parts milk.
  3. Eliminate the air bubbles from the milk by giving the milk container a light thump on a flat surface and then slowly swirling the milk around. This gives you the microfoam steamed milk which flat white coffee is known for. There’s no thick foam in a flat white, so this step is especially important to give you the taste and aesthetic that this drink is known for.
  4. Slowly pour the milk over your double espresso shot and enjoy!

This is a simple way to brew your flat white, and it only requires minimal equipment: an espresso machine, a steaming wand, a pitcher or container to steam your milk, and your coffee cup!

The Perfect Coffee Down Under!

Despite now knowing where the flat white coffee truly comes from, there is one thing coffee lovers are sure of: its deliciousness and their love for the drink!

Trying this drink isn’t a bad idea if you’re still finding your go-to coffee order. After all, the creaminess of the steamed milk, the espresso’s richness, and the glass’s complexity all contribute to the sheer perfection that the flat white has.

Enjoy your perfect cup of flat white coffee and bask in just how lovely this subtle yet potent drink truly is. you can also check our 3 in 1 instant coffee mix extracted from arabica beans.

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