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One of the World’s Rarest Coffee from Batangas Philippines
Kapeng Barako or Barako Coffee perfectly roasted to bring out the rich taste, flavor and aroma of a true brewed coffee!

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Arabica & Robusta
Exclusive Planted Coffee

Without a doubt, coffee aficionados have heard the words “Arabica” or “Robusta.” If you aren’t familiar with either, these two terms describe the two different beans grown commercially. They are the same in that when harvested, roasted, and eventually brewed to become that magical thing we call coffee. However, that’s where the similarities end. Arabica and Robusta differ when it comes to taste, growing environments, price, and quality. if you want to know more or question you can contact us on the details below. – Coffee Beans PH

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  • Pure Grade We use only the Finest Single-Origin coffees with Specialty grades above 85 points.
  • Wide Assortment You can choose from a wide selection of origins that boost distinctive flavours and notes.
  • Fresh Roasted Coffee freshly hand roasted in small batches according to our long-established methods. We offer different roastings to satisfy your needs: Medium, Medium high or Dark roast.
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  • High Quality Everything we do is a matter of heart body & soul. We strive to offer best standards in coffee industry
  • Excellent Grinding Our dedicated roasters will grind it fresh for a crisp fresh brew. if you desire a coarse, fine or extra fine grind we will prepare it for you.
  • Awesome Coffee Relax and enjoy a delicacy. Our highly desirable and peculiar distinctive coffees will satisfy the most sophisticated palates.

How we Prepare our Beans

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