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Authentic Kapeng Barako – Barako is a Tagalog word that means strong man or manliness, and kape means coffee. Because of its strong taste, it got the name kapeng barako.

Kapeng barako turned out to be a common name for all coffee from Batangas. It’s a rare and exotic coffee fully grown in Lipa and other high places in Batangas and known for its strong taste.

Batangas Brew is Liberica coffee, which originated in Liberia in West Africa. The Spaniards brought the coffee bean to the Philippines and planted it in Lipa during the Spanish colonial era. Since Lipa is located in a high-altitude area, one factor is to grow good quality coffee beans. And the excellent climate and soil made it distinct in quality from other Liberia varieties, now popularly called kapeng barako in the Philippines.

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