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Which is the Best Type of Coffee for Weight Loss?

Best Type of Coffee for Weight Loss
Best Type of Coffee for Weight Loss

Best Type of Coffee for Weight Loss

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, but did you know it can help you lose weight? According to an Insider article on how coffee aids weight loss, experts revealed those who drink various measures of coffee for over two months experience better metabolism. As a result, they could burn more calories at rest or during physical activity, allowing them to lose weight.

That’s why if you’re a fan of coffee, you don’t have to give up your daily caffeine fix to lose weight. The most effective and sustainable weight loss plans don’t restrict you from eating or drinking what you love. Instead, they encourage you to follow a balanced diet by consuming the right food portions and incorporating nutritional items in your meals, like vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. So if you want to eat your favorite food and lose weight simultaneously, you can attain this by consuming food moderately and switching to healthier alternatives or ingredients.

Luckily, some types of coffee are best for supporting your weight loss goals since they provide healthier benefits. If you want to find out what they are, read on!

Black Coffee

Since it’s a low-calorie beverage, black coffee is the perfect drink to include in your daily meal plan without worrying about weight gain. If you consume one cup (240 mL) of black coffee, you will get around two calories per serving, allowing you to allocate your calorie count to other food you want to eat. However, black coffee may not suit everyone’s taste buds. This is because it can be stronger and more bitter than your usual cup of coffee, especially without sugar and cream. But if you prefer strong drinks, you might eventually enjoy black coffee and reap its optimal weight loss benefits. And even if it’s strong, it doesn’t mean black coffee doesn’t have unique flavor profiles. As you explore the different kinds of black coffee, you’ll discover that these profiles range from sweet and nutty to citrusy and even chocolatey.

Turkish Coffee

Another type of coffee you can drink is Turkish coffee. Apart from its usual appetite-suppressing qualities, drinking unsweetened Turkish coffee will provide you with little to no carbohydrates, which allows you to quickly achieve your weight loss goals, even while consuming coffee. This specific type of drink may also require an acquired taste for you to enjoy. Yet, unlike regular black coffee, it has a strong, bold, bittersweet flavor and a concentrated and gritty body due to how the coffee beans are brewed. Most Turkish coffees smell nutty, burnt, and spicy, especially when brewed with cardamom. So if you want something unique but helpful in your weight loss effort, Turkish coffee is a great option.

Green Coffee

The next type of coffee on the list is green coffee. Unlike most coffee beans, what makes green coffee different is that they have raw, unroasted coffee beans. Because of this, they can retain some of the healthy and natural chemicals found in most beans that are lost during the roasting process. Despite its unique characteristics, green coffee is still beneficial in weight loss. Some studies found that participants who consumed green coffee lost three to five pounds more than those who didn’t drink them. If you’re already familiar with green tea, drinking green coffee will be a similar experience since people describe its taste as grassy. They also offer a much milder, lighter flavor than regular coffee, making it an excellent alternative for those who don’t like strong coffee.

Skinny Latte

If you’re not a fan of the intense and unique coffee flavors we shared on this list, one other option you can do is to switch your usual coffee ingredients to healthier alternatives. You can try a skinny vanilla latte with nonfat milk and sugar-free flavoring for this. Despite the lack of fat and sugar content, the drink tastes delicious since you can still enjoy its rich espresso flavor and a little vanilla taste. And compared to the regular vanilla latte, with over 250 calories and 6g of fat, the skinny vanilla latte only has 130 calories and no fat. With this, you can have a delicious coffee alternative without feeling guilty about gaining weight.

If you’re a coffee lover trying to lose weight, there are lots of different types you can try to help you reach your goals. Since the above coffees are simple and accessible enough to make even at home, they can make your weight loss plans more achievable and manageable in the long run.

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