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Hario v60
Hario V60

When making delicious coffee, you can’t go wrong with Hario and the Hario V60. A master of innovation and craftsmanship, Hario produced one of the most iconic and popular means of brewing a single cup of coffee. Released to the world in 2004, the Hario V60 quickly became a favorite among coffee connoisseurs and average Joe’s worldwide because it was quick, convenient, and easy to use.

Today, coffee lovers will recognize the filter as it is used in most coffee shops. The Hario V60’s affordability makes it a regular part of most coffee connoisseurs’ pantries. But what makes the Hario V60 such a favorite among coffee drinkers?

Read more to learn about Hario, the wonders of their iconic filter coffee dripper, and why you should get a Hario V60 in the Philippines!

Introducing Hario

Despite being a leader in creating coffee instruments, Hario started as a glassware manufacturer in Japan. In 1921, the company began by providing heat-resistant glassware and tools for science and research institutions around Kanda, Tokyo. Because of the company’s origins, it should come as no surprise that Hario successfully ventured into kitchenware and started looking for ways to innovate.

A few years after 1957, the company’s first venture into kitchenware, the prototype for the V60, was born. At the time, the prototype was created to provide an alternative to Japan’s popular yet complicated nel drip method of preparing coffee. For Hario, their goal was to create an option that preserved the quality of the nel drip method while providing a more accessible and easy-to-use way of preparing coffee.

Hario’s contribution to making delicious coffee continued and began with the V60 too! Since the company started dabbling in creating brewing instruments, it has also produced the Coffee Syphon and the Slow Drip Brewer. The latter is regarded as one of the best ways to use Hario to make cold brew.

The rise of the Hario V60

The Hario V60 wasn’t an overnight miracle. Just like making the perfect cup of coffee, the Hario V60 took some time with preparation and experimentation–but the results proved highly worth it.

Aside from the nel drip method, Hario also sought to solve the bitterness caused by flat-bottom drippers. The company experimented with cone-shaped glass funnels, eventually releasing the first Hario-cone-shaped dripper. Although the experiment was successful, the product had to compete with the rising popularity of instant coffee and other mechanical coffee makers at the time.

Fast forward to 2004, Hario decided to revisit their successful design. Of course, the company decided to take an extra step and innovate to get the perfect brew.

Aside from the distinctive 60-degree cone angle, the final design for the Hario V60 included the spiral-shaped ribs inside the funnel and a single large hole in the middle. These changes addressed the issues of the initial design concerning water flow. With the changes in place, Hario launched the V60.

Its climb to being an icon could have been faster and smoother. It was slow and steady but undoubtedly noticeable for coffee lovers.

Once it arrived in Seattle, a city known for its coffee, the V60 became a hit. The brewing instrument became popular for coffee drinkers and baristas alike, noting how the pour-over procedure was peaceful and more intimate. Over time, the Hario V60 was used in Intelligentsia Coffee specialty shops and promoted by prominent coffee connoisseurs. The product’s increasing popularity is a testament to its craftsmanship and helped raise the Hario V60 to its now iconic coffee status.

Why should you use the Hario V60?

If you’re looking for a reason to pick up a Hario V60 as your coffee brewing tool, then here are some of the reasons why:

It’s quick. Unlike other coffee preparation methods, the pour-over process is a relatively fast way to fix up your coffee. You don’t need to worry a whole lot about machine buttons being pressed. Pour the water over the coffee grounds and wait appropriately while letting your coffee bloom.

It’s affordable. The Hario V60 and other Hario products are affordable investments that can last long! As long as you take care of your V60, which is already quite durable, your coffee-making adventures will never be over.

It’s mess-free. The Hario V60 is undoubtedly one of the most convenient coffee-making methods. Avoid any grief with complicated coffee machine parts that need to be cleaned. You must appropriately dispose of the used coffee filters and wash your Hario V60. It’s dishwasher safe, so if you’re feeling too lazy to hand wash, you can also pop it in your dishwasher!

It makes delicious coffee. With the way the V60 was designed, it’s meant to give you flavorful and delicious coffee. The filter paper removes the oils from the coffee grounds and allows the coffee’s flavor to escape. Additionally, the funnel angle lets the water flow evenly, giving the ground and water more contact time. Since the filter is ribbed as well, the coffee is allowed to bloom, making your coffee more flavorful and guaranteeing you of your drink’s freshness.

Experience coffee made from Hario

With the amount of care and innovation Hario did when creating the Hario V60, it is no surprise that the Hario V60 achieved popularity within the coffee community. After all, the years it took to perfect the V60 ensured that Hario users get the best possible experience when they brew their cup of coffee.

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