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As the famous saying goes, when the going gets tough, the tough drink more coffee. And with the global pandemic putting more stress and pressure on everyone, it’s no wonder that more people are looking for alternative ways to enjoy this comforting drink.

If you’re curious about what’s in store for coffee lovers this year, you can check out the upcoming trends below:

 Whipped Coffee, AKA Dalgona

This popular, frothy drink went viral on social media in 2020. Sweet coffee lovers and those who enjoy unique textures are the ones who make it famous. The name comes from dalgona or ppopgi in Korean, which is an old-fashioned candy commonly sold in the streets. This treat is known for evoking memories of childhood.

Dalgona is made by whisking instant coffee, sugar, and boiling water until a whipped consistency is reached. Achieving a frothy texture takes a lot of manual work, but it can also be prepared using a hand mixer. When it comes to keeping up with the trends, there’s been a notable increase in shops experimenting with using.  

 Matcha Lattes

Matcha powder from ground green tea plants comes in sweetened and unsweetened variants. Some people buy unsweetened for a healthier mix and then use honey to make a latte. This is the perfect beverage if you want clean fuel for your mind and body. It has antioxidants, fiber, and a lot of other vitamins.

 Coffee Subscription Boxes

A coffee subscription box is for more than just enthusiasts. It can be for anyone who drinks coffee regularly and is open to learning more about other options. The good thing about these packages is that they usually come complete with the basics, which means they have coffee beans, coffee-making tools, and accessories inside the box. Those who don’t want to commit to a subscription can get a gift box to try out different products until they decide on a staple for their household.

Current trends point towards coffee subscriptions coming in several custom packages and price points in the future. We are also seeing growing communities showcasing more organic and exotic products to be enjoyed.

 Unroasted Coffee Beans

Few people know that coffee beans lose their freshness around 7-10 days after being roasted. Most of the coffee available on the market is roasted commercially in huge batches. This process is essential to turn green coffee beans into the nutty and flavorful goodness we’re all familiar with. Nowadays, more and more people are buying unroasted beans to prolong the freshness of their supply.

Home coffee roasters are becoming more popular and affordable, even for personal use. Having one means you never have to worry about anyone again messing up your order.


 Coffee Delivery

Sometimes a quick caffeine fix is not always possible. Especially if you’re working from home, leaving the house for coffee isn’t an inviting idea (despite having good coffee at the end of that short journey). Good thing more places offer coffee delivery now. Consumers can enjoy a strong cuppa without standing in line for a long time. It’s also perfect for people who would instead type in their custom order instead of saying them out loud (we know you’re out there).

To make your coffee, you can also have beans delivered. From Arabica blends to single-origin coffee, you can easily find an online store to bring the products you want right to your door.


Explore Coffee Trends with CoffeeBeans.PH

Coffee trends allow businesses to thrive and expand their services. Staying on top of these things enables entrepreneurs to offer their diverse clientele various options for their preferred power beverage; what this means for you as a consumer is a wide array of coffee selections that work regardless of the climate in your area. It also gives you a choice to have your coffee on the go or in the comfort of your home.

As we all wait for the pandemic to get better, take the time to try out these upcoming trends. If you need equipment or products to make them at home,

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