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Coffee lovers know the value of well-brewed coffee in the morning–or any time of the day, really–all too well, so coffee lovers are always on the lookout for the next big thing in the coffee industry. Enter the Aeropress Coffee Maker, an up-and-coming brand of coffee makers that provides coffee lovers with a new way to make their coffee. With rave reviews worldwide, Aeropress coffee doesn’t seem to disappoint–and we’re here to know just why!

From Aeropress features Aeropress coffee recipes, we give you a rundown of how to use this versatile and nifty device to satiate your coffee needs.

What Is Aeropress?

First things first, let’s get to know the Aeropress.

The Aeropress is a piston-style coffee brewer perfect for every coffee lover. This coffee maker allows you to make a clean and defined brew that doesn’t have any unwanted oils or sediments, thanks to how it brews coffee through a fragile filter directly into the cup. Aside from the delicious coffee it makes, the Aeropress is praised for its durability and small size, allowing coffee lovers to brew their favorite drink even while on the go.

Active coffee drinkers love Aeropress because it is convenient to bring around. Aside from the standard Aeropress, the brand released the Aeropress Go. This portable coffee maker lets coffee drinkers brew their favorite drink while running errands or camping outside. The best part? You don’t lose any of the flavor and quality of your coffee.

Aeropress coffee makers also allow you to make your coffee exactly how you want it. From espresso to cold brew, Aeropress will enable you to make your favorite drink anytime, anywhere–so coffee lovers can’t stop raving about it!

How to Use Your Aeropress Coffee Makers

One of the main reasons Aeropress coffee makers are so famous is their versatility. Coffee lovers can make almost anything in this coffee maker. So if you’ve been switching between different coffee brew cravings, getting an Aeropress is probably one of the best decisions you can make. To prove just how versatile this coffee maker is, search “What’s the best way to make coffee with Aeropress,” and you’ll get about 20 different articles, all giving you other Aeropress recipes and methods of using the coffee maker to make coffee.

Don’t get overwhelmed by all these methods, though! If you’re new to Aeropress, using it can be pretty daunting. But for simple coffee lovers and newbies, there are generally two ways to brew with an Aeropress coffee maker. Standard Method

The standard method is how Aeropress is intended to make coffee. If you’re new to Aeropress, it’s best to begin brewing with this method, as it requires no variations or accessories. The standard way is the most straightforward for those wanting a quick, mess-free brew.

The standard method has three steps that is actually quite reminiscent of using a French Press:

  1. Place your Aeropress on top of a cup
  2. Fill it with water and coffee
  3. Insert the plunger
  4. Press down and serve your delicious, freshly brewed coffee!

Inverted Method

For coffee lovers feeling a little fancier, you can try out the inverted method, a variation discovered by coffee drinkers unexpectedly. The inverted process involves setting the Aeropress upside down on your cup. One of the most important things to note when trying to do the inverted method is to ensure that your preparation is flawless so hot coffee won’t spill all over you.

If you want to try out making Aeropress coffee using the inverted method, then here’s a few steps to follow:

  1. Boil water and leave it to rest for a few minutes
  2. Insert the plunger into the outer tube (the inner chamber of your Aeropress so the black seal is in line with the number 4. Make sure that 4 is closest to the table or surface.
  3. Add your coffee
  4. Fill the tube with the recently boiled water, making sure to reach the bottom of number 1
  5. Stir your coffee for a minute
  6. Prepare you filter paper, making sure to put it in the filter holder and pour hot water to rinse the filter paper
  7. Screw the paper securely onto your Aeropress
  8. After a minute, carefully place your mug upside down on top of the Aeropress and flip the stack
  9. Carefully push the inner chamber down to get your delicious brewed cup of coffee

Both methods make clean and delicious coffee brews that any coffee lover will appreciate. With Aeropress coffee makers, you can make coffee anytime too! Select your preferred methods for coffee brewing and brew your favorite drink with the Aeropress coffee makers in the Philippines!

Aeropress vs French Press: Which Is Better?

As the new kid on the block, Aeropress often gets compared with French Press. Due to how coffee is prepared in both brewing machines, there’s some comparison regarding how both function. After all, most coffee connoisseurs’ first experience was learning how to French press coffee. There’s also some comparison regarding how Aeropress and French Press coffee taste.

To settle this, we listed down the features of both devices so you can figure out which is a better fit for your coffee drinking tendencies:

Why Coffee Lovers Love the Aeropress

The Aeropress is one of the most durable and convenient coffee makers worldwide. It’s no wonder many coffee lovers add the product to their pantries and coffee bars. After all, with Aeropress, you can make coffee anytime, anywhere!

Here are some of the reasons coffee lovers flock towards the Aeropress:


Aeropress coffee makers are highly versatile. Preparing coffee using Aeropress can be an endlessly adjustable process that allows you to find and replicate the perfect brew. Just look at the number of ways that you can make coffee using Aeropress, and you’ll realize just how versatile this coffee maker is!

Delicious, clean coffee

Aeropress makes a clean and delicious coffee that will impress any coffee lover. This is perhaps one of its winning points versus the French Press, as the latter can sometimes produce coffee with a muddled flavor. When you brew with an Aeropress or use an Aeropress recipe to make your coffee, you are guaranteed delicious coffee that doesn’t have oils or sediments in the final cup.

Portability and durability

This coffee maker is small and easy to carry around, allowing coffee lovers to bring the coffee maker around. This lets them make their favorite coffee anywhere they are. To support the Aeropress’ portability, the machine’s design also makes it durable, allowing it to survive any energetic coffee lover’s activity.

Easy to clean

Don’t let the hassle of cleaning your brewing devices affect your love for Aeropress! The small design makes Aeropress easy to clean, perfect for coffee lovers always on the go.

Why Coffee Lovers Love the French Press

The French Press is one of the many brewing devices that remains popular in the coffee industry. If you’re looking for a simple method of brewing that can give you a large batch of rich and flavorful coffee, then you will probably love brewing with a French Press.

Here are some of the reasons to love French Press:

Easy to use

If you don’t have much time in the morning, using the French Press is straightforward. Pour in your coffee grounds and hot water, then let your coffee brew!

Consistent rich and heavy coffee

The French Press makes a rich and heavy coffee, perfect if you prefer a more robust flavor to your morning cup. It’s also best when you want something a little stronger but healthier, as French Press coffee gives you more health benefits.

Can make multiple cups

Perhaps one of the best things about French Presses is that they can make you brew several cups of coffee every time you prepare it. This is one of its edges versus the Aeropress, as it can only make you a single cup of coffee per serving. If you want to make multiple cups of coffee for your morning brew, then a French Press will be a simple, easy-to-use option.

The Verdict

So Aeropress vs French Press: what’s the verdict?

The truth is: we can’t give the final answer! Both brewing methods can produce an incredible cup of coffee that will make any coffee lover smile. Whether you want a clean and straightforward brew or a rich and flavorful drink, you can use both.

Aeropress gives you the best coffee around for single servings. With its innovative design and portability, the Aeropress makes you a lovely cup of coffee for active coffee lovers anytime and anywhere. Meanwhile, the French Press lets you brew a big, delicious batch of rich, deep-flavored coffee you and your friends can enjoy.

Clean, simple, and delicious coffee–anytime, anywhere!

Portable, durable, and versatile are the best ways to describe the Aeropress coffee maker. If you’re looking for a friendly and nifty device to let you satiate your coffee cravings, then the Aeropress coffee makers are perfect.

Whether you’re running errands, taking a quick jog, or camping outside, bring your Aeropress coffee maker with you, and you can make a clean, simple, and delicious coffee cup anytime, anywhere!

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