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robusta Beans

Robusta is a separate species of coffee, distinct from Arabica, with its unique properties. As a crop, it is easy to force it to grow in sub-optimal conditions, so there’s quite a lot of poor-quality Robusta out there. However, when grown with the care, a gourmet crop deserves, Robusta yields a deliciously dark, rich, high-caffeine coffee that stimulates the “back palate” region of your taste buds.

People worldwide, including the USA, are evenly divided between “front palate” people and “back palate” people. We find that people who respond well to Vietnamese coffees generally tend to be back palate people, and Robusta primarily excites the back of the palate. You may be a back palate person if you often find Arabica coffees too “thin” or vaguely unsatisfying. Try some Robusta–it might be a revelation!

One other attractive property of Robusta is its ability to stand up to milk and ice. Robusta is naturally lower in acidity than Arabica, so you don’t need milk, but many people simply like the taste and body milk adds to their drink. This is particularly true in Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, where coffee is usually served with sweetened condensed milk. Robusta’s flavor elements are not dampened by adding even a large amount of milk. Robusta also does not lose intensity when served on ice. As a result, it is a necessary part of Vietnamese-style iced coffee!

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